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Jan. 30, 2021
Knocked, you weren’t in. Opportunity
Dec. 18, 2020
Ruby Wizardry translation to Ukrainian
english book ruby

The Ruby Wizardry book translation into Ukrainian is published!

Nov. 15, 2020
Correct English
Even if you do learn to speak correct English, whom are you going to speak it to? Clarence Darrow
Oct. 31, 2020
Producing histograms in terminal
cli histograms awk gnuplot

Quite often I end up with the need to quickly visualize information in a terminal as a histogram or a chart of some sort. Here are three methods I use most often.

Oct. 16, 2020
Just a quick note on setting up autossh on system’s startup. I use it to proxy-forward traffic from the internet exposed host to a firewalled host inside a private network. This way all the data and apps stay on-prem but are available to external users if needed. autossh advantage is that it restart ssh in case connection breaks for some reason. It’s important to configure it in a way so that it can detect such breakdowns.
Oct. 5, 2020
Fixing mosh failing on MacOS
macos mosh locale terminal iterm console


Problem: trying to connect to a remote server with mosh you see error messages like:

mosh-client needs a UTF-8 native locale to run.
mosh-server needs a UTF-8 native locale to run.
The locale requested by LC_CTYPE=UTF-8 isn't available here.
locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory

OR when connecting with ssh from iTerm2 you get the error message

-bash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (UTF-8): No such file or directory
Sep. 22, 2020
I have been re-reading Tom Limoncelli’s et al. The Practice of Cloud System Administration book (which is great and is well worth reading even 5 years after it has been published) and it has this wonderful reference table called Latency Numbers Every Engineer/Programmer Should Know. This table was popularized by Jeff Dean, and originally presented by Peter Norvig. I find it handy and wanted to copy it here, on my blog, but then realized it’s almost a decade old as the data was from 2012.
Aug. 14, 2020
Interesting bits and bobs: 2020-08-14
quotes loc bugs doctors religion gphotos Israel targets tracking

Google Photos on iOS does not have a slideshow function! 😱 They did however roll out a new designed and killed off For You feature.

Jul. 28, 2020

This is just a quick note for how to make Home and End keys behave sensibly, i.e. take you to the beginning or end of a line:

Jul. 25, 2020
Epigrams in English and Russian
burns aldrich marshak english russian

Wonderful Burns’ epigram in Marshak’s translation:

Jul. 2, 2020

Today I’ve stumbled upon an amusing post “Software disenchantment” by Nikita Tonski which resonated with me quite a bit. The following fragment in particular:

Jun. 6, 2020
Maths is simple
fun math quotes
If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is. John von Neumann
May. 22, 2020
On writing blog posts
fun quotes writing
Was talking recently with a friend about how hard it is to write blog posts and give talks these days. The longer you’re in the tech industry the more your opinions end up being “well it depends” and “I’m not sure”. These don’t quite make for good blog posts, hah. Was talking recently with a friend about how hard it is to write blog posts and give talks these days.
Mar. 7, 2020
fun twain quotes
Reason never changed a man’s opinion which by reason he never acquired. Mark Twain
Feb. 8, 2020
fun dilbert excellence coe
What exactly means “Center of Excellence”? Whatever we want it to mean. We should be brimming with excellence by nightfall. Centers of excellence create more excellence. Evidence? None.
Jul. 2, 2019
AWK vs Big Data
awk bigdata quotes
Don’t sleep on the basics. Someone probably solved your problem in the 80s. There’s been a lot of talk about big data recently. Lots of people just shove data into whatever software is currently all the rage (think Hadoop some time ago, Spark, etc) and get excited with results that actually aren’t that amazing. You can get very decent results by using the standard data processing toolset (awk/grep/sed/sort/xargs/find) paired with understanding of what data you process and how the software works.
Nov. 14, 2018
Review: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
lisa conf dependencies scale
This is the LISA2017 conference talk review I wrote for their official blog. Just saving a copy here in case they decide to rework their blog and content disappears or something. Submitted by ipesin on November 7, 2017 - 11:38 am When you attend a talk that starts with a Google engineer asking, “What would happen if all of the machines you are running on restarted right now?” you might get really worried.
Nov. 7, 2018
Review: Getting started with Docker and containers
lisa conf docker figlet ascii asciiart review
This is the LISA2017 conference talk review I wrote for their official blog. Just saving a copy here in case they decide to rework their blog and content disappears or something. Submitted by ipesin on November 1, 2017 - 3:38 pm What makes a good conference so special? With vast amounts of information available virtually on any topic imaginable at a click’s distance, would it not be more efficient to spend time in comfortable home setting learning new technology?
Aug. 3, 2018
Conway's Life simulation in Go
model ascii golang life conway
Implemeting Conway’s life is one of the first things I do when exploring a new programming language. Conway’s Game of Life, also known as the Game of Life or simply Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. It is the best-known example of a cellular automaton. Ever since its publication, Conway’s Game of Life has attracted much interest because of the surprising ways in which the patterns can evolve.
Aug. 3, 2018
The Schelling Model of Ethnic Residential Dynamics
model ascii golang segregation schelling
In 1971, the American economist Thomas Schelling created an agent-based model that might help explain why segregation is so difficult to combat. His model of segregation showed that even when individuals (or “agents”) didn’t mind being surrounded or living by agents of a different race, they would still choose to segregate themselves from other agents over time! Although the model is quite simple, it gives a fascinating look at how individuals might self-segregate, even when they have no explicit desire to do so.
May. 9, 2018
fun poetry quotes ukrainian

This is Glibov’s Pike poem in Ukrainian

Apr. 14, 2018
How much airlines are making on passengers?
airline pax passenger profit
A curious table from The Economist with information on how much airlines make on passengers. Turns out, not that much:
Jun. 6, 2017
fun dilbert experience
Is experience exactly the same as pessimism?
Feb. 9, 2017
Reference Phonetic Alphabet
alphabet english
Jan. 21, 2017
Peter's principle
peter dilbert management quotes
I’m sure you have heard about Peter’s principle, if not the name then the principle: In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. and the corollary: In time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties. But what struck me recently is that I didn’t know how old this principle was. It was first published in 1969!
Nov. 6, 2016
Hofstadter's Law
fun quotes
It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law. Douglas Hofstadter, Gödel, Escher, Bach in An Eternal Golden Braid
Jun. 29, 2016
Air quality in Europe
air quality
Surprisingly, Poland has the worst air quality in Europe. Here is an infographics from the Economist: See also Air Quality Indexes website.
Jun. 28, 2016
Media Ideological Placement
media politics

Interesting information on ideological placement of various news outlets by Washington Post:

Jun. 12, 2016
Catch22 of closed-mindedness
Ukraine Europe travel

For the Nth time have found myself referring back to an exceptionally vivid infographics on how many Ukrainians have ever been abroad:

Jan. 17, 2016
My zenburn-based terminal colour palletes
colors colours palette putty terminal

I was a big fan of standard linux terminal colour palette. Initially, the default was a saturated version and later it shifted to pastel colours. I still enjoy the way it looks – bright and clear; it also works great if you are giving a demo over a beamer, opposed to dark backgrounds.

Jan. 9, 2016
Messages emoji auto-substitutions
emoji shortcuts

While everybody on the internet seem to be concerned with how to turn off emoji auto-substitution in Messages, I’m quite fond of it. Here is the list of working shortcuts for emojis:

Dec. 29, 2015

Just a quick thought on multitasking in SA (or DevOps, if you prefer). There is a common knowledge that multitasking is bad, it hurts your performance, quality, and whatnot.

May. 17, 2015
Links: 17th May
Bleep Mlodinov chance DNS firmware iOS meetup random refresher sleep SSL war

He [Galton] even measured the life spans of sovereigns and clergymen, which, being similar to the lifespans of people in other professions, led him to conclude that prayer brought no benefit.
Leonard Mlodinov

Mlodinov’s “The Drunkard’s Walk…” is a fantastically good book. I couldn’t pull myself away of it, I’d read it in the morning before the work starts and right after I wrap it up for a day. A captivating overview of mathematics of chance, randomness, and statistics put in a very comprehensible form and language, intertwined with amusing digressions into history of mathematical thought, it connects randomness with our everyday life. Scientific American’s comment reflect my feelings: “Delightfully entertaining”.

Oct. 24, 2014
Links: 24th Oct
Bedford cpuset netcat pidtree Fraser progressbar rpm shell spinner

Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.

Edsger Dijkstra
Jun. 3, 2014
Links: 3th Jun
bash cfengine English expect lavabit monitoring thinking

Writing is nature’s way of telling you how sloppy your thinking is.

Apr. 4, 2014
Links: 4th Apr
corporate google LXC nagios outlook security solaris systemd wolfram

My, when would they finally invent a direct connection interface from a brain to computer? Can’t wait, really.

Apr. 4, 2014
VIM cheatsheet
vi vim cheatsheet

Putting my favourite vim cheat sheet here, so that I don’t have to plough through google results next time I need to recall how to use named registers.

Feb. 23, 2014
Maidan: 23rd of February
politics maidan Ukraine

No links today. The only thoughts are with those on the Maindan who gave their lives to the future of Ukraine.

Sep. 29, 2013
Links: 29th Sept
collectd3 English graphdb load testing mysql paper phoenix project sher surge ted terminal

Acronyms are new words formed from the initial letters (or parts) of a series of words, such as RAM from random access memory, and radar from radio detecting and ranging. Initialisms are a similar sort of abbreviation but are pronounced by saying each letter separately, for example BBC, VHS, and the FYI of this post’s title. The distinction, BTW, is not always strictly observed – initialisms are often loosely called acronyms. This imprecision is rarely problematic, but it’s good to know the difference. HTH.

from Macmillan Dictionary Blog
Sep. 20, 2013
Links: 20th Sep
bash glissade logs lviv mysql oom punctuation redhat regex religion time

This week: technology links and some other interesting articles.

Sep. 4, 2013
Links: 4th Sep
apple grep iphone kids less osx photos recording rpmdb SA scale signals sunlight yac

This week: technology links and a chart with sunlight hours.

Aug. 16, 2013
Links: 16th Aug
ansible autossh fry knockd LGBT lisa SA scale

This week: technology links and Stephen Fry’s open letter.

Aug. 3, 2013
Links: 3rd Aug
big-O crc32 English

This week: technology links and some English titbits.

Jul. 21, 2013
Links: 21st Jul
bootstrap clouds coursera devops dou education ifconfig tor videos

This week: technology links, algorithm courses, bootstrap goodies, and Ukrainian IT.

Jul. 14, 2013
Links: 14th Jul
English ganalytics links snowden troubleshooting

This week: technology links and AmE vs BrE talk.

Jul. 10, 2013
The Elements of Style
book English
“No book in shorter space, with fewer words, will help any writer more than this persistent little volume.” — The Boston Globe A friend recommended a book to read, “The Elements of Style” by W. Strunk. It resonated with me strongly, here are a couple of quotes: Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.
Jul. 21, 2012
vim syntax highlighting for cfengine3
vi vim cfengine highlighting syntax sa
A major part of my work these days is connected with cfengine3 and writing promises. I’m kind of a vim-guy, so clearly I’m using it when writing cfengine promises and when you write a lot of code, you’d definitely want to make your development environment comfy and snug. Part of being comfy and sung in my understanding is syntax highlighting, which tremendously simplifies reading the code and makes you spot typos and other sorts of mistakes right away.
Завершальна презентація циклу лекцій у Львівський Політехніці, що ми показали 18 квітня 2012 року. Повнорозмірна версія презентації.
Привіт! Презентація з лекції “SQL. Основи Темної Магії. Не SQL.”, яку читала Леся Гой у Львівський Політехніці в середу, 4 квітня.
Презентація з лекції “Чистий код”, яку читала Іра Заяць у Львівський Політехніці 18 квітня. Повнорозмірна версія презентації.

Всім привіт!

Викладаю презентацію до лекції “По дорозі з хмарками”, якою я читав у Львівській Політехніці 14-го березня. Нажаль, через технічні проблеми з проектором мені не вдалося показати все, що я планував. Однак я сподіваюся, що зможу включити цю частину у іншу свою лекцію про системне адміністрування.

Feb. 24, 2012


Презентація з лекції “Ruby on Rails”, яку читала Іра Заяць у Львівський Політехніці в середу, 22 лютого.

Всім привіт!

Викладаю презентацію до лекції “Роздуми про критичне мислення”, якою ми відкривали цикл наших лекцій у Львівській Політехніці 1-го лютого.


Презентація з лекції “Магія SQL”, яку читала Леся Гой у Львівський Політехніці в середу, 15 лютого.

Всім привіт!

Викладаю презентацію до лекції “За лаштунками співбесіди”, яку я читав у Львівській Політехніці.

Після моєї лекції у Львівській політехніці на EJF 2011 я отримав багато відгуків і тому викладую деякі матеріали, які, на мою думку, будуть корисні тим, кого зачепила та розповідь.

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