July 2, 2019

AWK vs Big Data

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Don’t sleep on the basics. Someone probably solved your problem in the 80s.

There’s been a lot of talk about big data recently. Lots of people just shove data into whatever software is currently all the rage (think Hadoop some time ago, Spark, etc) and get excited with results that actually aren’t that amazing. You can get very decent results by using the standard data processing toolset (awk/grep/sed/sort/xargs/find) paired with understanding of what data you process and how the software works.

One of the best pieces of software I wrote was a data mining tool working on a dataset of approximately .5TB which is not that much. The trick was that it was completing queries on that dataset in subsecond timeframe. And I did spend quite a bit of time working on performance to achieve that result.

Thus being involved with this sort of tasks, I was amused to stumble upon this tweet:

The full story behind this tweet is a very nice reading of how the author was re-discovering plain-text tools with some fun and insightful quotes and other tweets like:

and, a very true one:

gnu parallel is magic and everyone should use it.

Frankly, I think that quite a number of so-called Big Data applications can be re-done using venerable text-processing tools and produce cheaper and faster results in the end. Which reminds me another article where the author re-did a Hadoop task to process ~2Gb file with awk and ended up with 235x speed increase:

I tried this out, and for the same amount of data I was able to use my laptop to get the results in about 12 seconds (processing speed of about 270MB/sec), while the Hadoop processing took about 26 minutes (processing speed of about 1.14MB/sec).

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